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How to spot players on dating sites

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You met your dream guy on a Monday night at a social mixer. He takes your phone number and sends you a flirty text message on your ride home saying how he can't wait until Friday night.

He asks you out for Friday night, which appears to be a good sign as it's one of the weekend evenings.

As much attention as men get for the games many play we forget something that’s very true.

Many women are the masters of the “game” and have been running circles around men since the beginning of time.

While my schlub and I lounged, Oliver had taken his newest acquisition, Robin, shopping at Barney’s for whatever tickled her fancy. I wondered, what I was doing with a guy like Ben when I could be gallivanting with a specimen like Oliver?

The truth is that though dating a player has its major perks (for instance, he knows what to do and say to leave you weak in the knees), it certainly comes at a price.

She isn’t interested in addressing the issue because to her there is no issue.

On the line was his best friend Oliver—player extraordinaire and the most delicious Australian I’d ever encountered.

A player is a person who intentionally plays mind games with those around him or her, specifically those whose attention she is trying to win, even if the attention is only temporary. Romano specializes in a variety of topics including dating, travel, New York City, decorating and budget living.

Instead of focusing her attention on one person, she tries to win the affections of more than one person, usually without any of them knowing about the other.

Bart’s, romantic voyages to Paris and lazy weekends on Martha’s Vineyard, during which she always looked the part in carefully selected wardrobes (jewelry included) to match each destination.

Soon enough, the producer’s birthday rolled around.