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This fragment no bigger than a fingernail is enough to divine whether the artefact it came from is really the Roman musical instrument its owners believe it to be.Lab manager Dr Christine Prior already has bad news for another client – an art authenticator in Hong Kong.This is the key to achieving predictive understanding of the carbon cycle.

Wiens has a Ph D in Physics, with a minor in Geology.

Only the dice rolling need be done in-class - I assign the questions as homework.

Under a microscope, a lab technician cleans a tiny wood chip extracted from an American museum treasure.

CEN has the equipment and expertise to prepare samples for AMS dating, which includes 2 major steps: C of your samples can also be done.

With every shipment of many unknown-age samples we must add samples coming from oxalic acid transformation (which is the international standard reference material for all radiocarbon laboratories), inert samples to determine the background value (blanks) as well as known-age samples (secondary standards), coming from multi-laboratory calibration.